Guide for Authors

Instructions to Authors

Journal of Optimization in Industrial Engineering

Islamic Azad University of Qazvin

In order to submit your Paper, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following instructions:

1-   In submission of papers, the corresponding author should be one of the faculty members of the affiliated institutions.

2-   Only papers are not published in other journals and has scientific significant contributions will be considered, for publication in this journal.

3-   The paper should not be under consideration in any other journal.

4-   Papers must be written in English.

5-   Your paper must comply with the following format:

5-1- Including a suitable Title 

5-2- Name(s) and address(es) of the author(s) including scientific degree, email and affiliation.

5-3- Having a concise and clearly written Abstract, according to these categories: introduction, methods, results, conclusions.

5-4- Keywords, 

5-5- Introduction 

5-6- A brief and clear literature review

5-7-The main work done by author(s) 

5-8-Conclusions and giving ideas for further research

5-8-Acknowledgment (if there is), 


5-10-The authors are recommended to use Times New Roman font:

size 14 bold for title,

size 13 bold for the author(s) name,

size 8 for author(s) affiliations,

size 9 for the abstract and keywords,

size 10 for the main text, 

size 8 for tables,

size 8 for tables and figures descriptions

size 8 for references.

5-11-Please type the formula using MS word Equation tools and do not use other tools like Math type. All formulas in the paper must be numbered consecutively with 8.5 centimeter width.

5-12-Figures must be in .Jpeg format and numbered in bottom according to the following format:

Figure details

Fig 1. Description of figure

5-13-Tables must be numbered in above according to the following format:

Table 1.

Description of table

Table details

5-14- All the tables and figures must be sent in separate files.

5-15-References must be listed by the family name of the authors and according to the following format:

a)  Reference to a book:

Montgomery, D.C. (1991). Design and Analysis of Experiments. 3rd edition, John Wiley & Sons, New York.

b)   Reference to an article:

Axsater, S. (1998). Evaluation of installation stock based (R,Q)-policies for two-level inventory systems with Poisson demand. Operations Research, 46(3), 135–145.

Fredendall, L.D., & Lea, B.R. (1997). Improving the product mix heuristic in the theory of constraints. International Journal of Production Research, 35(6), 1535-1544.

Mohabbatdar, S., Ahmadi, A., & Sajadieh, M.S. (2016). Optimal manufacturer-retailer policies in a supply chain with defective product and price dependent demand. Journal of Optimization in Industrial Engineering, 9(3), 37-46. 



c)     Reference to a paper in conference proceedings:

Choudhary, V., Tomak, K., & Chaturvedi, A. (1998). The Effect of Network Externalities on Software Pricing. Proceedings of the 31 st Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, IEEE Press, 251-260.

5-16- In order to cite a reference in the text, please use the following examples:

Axsater (1998) declares that …,

Choudhary et al. (1998) is among the researches which …

Such researches can be found in many recent researches (Axsater, 1998; Choudhary et al., 1998)

Please write down complete names of the journal titles in the references.


6- Graphical Abstracts

A graphical abstract is a single, pictorial and visual graph of the main finding of the manuscript. This could be the summary figure from the manuscript, or a figure specially designed for the purpose of showing visual summary of the manuscript, it should allow readers to gain an understanding of the main purpose of the manuscript and it should be one-image file and explain one point clearly. Please note that the graphical abstract will show up in online print. It will not show up in PDF file of article. For a few samples of graphical abstract, you can click on:



7- Article highlights:

Highlights are a short collection of bullet points which convey the manjor findings of the article. These three to five bullet points describe the essence of the research (e.g. results or conclusions) and highlight the differences of this research compared to the others. Highlights will be displayed in the online publication of the article, but will not (yet) appear in the article PDF file or print.

Author instructions: highlights should be submitted as a separate source file in EES (i.e. Microsoft word not PDF) by selecting “Highlights” from the drop-down list when uploading files. Please adhere to the specifications below


  • Include 3 to 5 highlights.
  • There should be a maximum of 100 characters, including spaces, per highlight.
  • Only the core results of the paper should be given.



Modeling an uncertain two echelon inventory problem using robust approach



  • Robust optimization approach is used in order to model the problem.
  • The EPQ model is considered for the manufacturer.
  • A greedy-based heuristic is proposed for solving the probem.

8-      Online full text submission is accessible through the web site of the journal at